Over the top first birthday parties are becoming more and more popular with parents. Celebrating year one has eclipsed the traditional Sweet 16 in excitement, grandeur and expense. While some people may feel a one year old will not remember the celebration we all know the party is for the adults celebrating a new little one coming into their lives.

With this in mind, here are a few simple suggestions to make the event run smoothly - 

Nap Time - The crowd, the cake, the balloons can all be overwhelming to a one year old. Make sure to schedule the party after nap time so both the birthday kid and the guests can enjoy the day.

Cake - From elaborate birthday cakes to cupcakes. You can create or order just about any size, shape and themed cake. Smaller "Smash Cakes" or cupcakes are popular and are often the main event for a first birthday party. Let them get a taste of frosting and then go to town on their first cake.

Photography - Let's face it, most parents hosting first birthday parties are looking for the perfect Instagram of Facebook worthy shot of their child. Hiring a professional childrens photographer or wedding photographer can caputure these moments and leave you free to ejnoy the party. It's also an opportunity to replace your studio family portraits with more personal images reflecting your style and family. Professional photos of grandparents with the birthday baby make great favors or gifts for upcoming holidays. Not interested in paying for a professional photographer, every family has a photography buff with the fancy camera, assign this family member or friend to take photos.

Theme/Decor - The fun part! What do you want to do?! Here are some of our favorites - 


Provide capes and masks for the children (and/or adults).

Have a superhero backdrop for photos. Place a small stool or step outside the frame and have the kids jump/fly into the frame with their cape and mask on.

Find old comic books and make banners, placemats or wrap gifts.

Tea Party

Every little girl loves a tea party! Use vintage tea cups and tea pots from your family or thrift store as centerpieces to hold flowers or candles. Use tea cups to serve dessert like chocolate pudding, banana pudding or trifle.

Use a specialty linen with ruffles or sequins to spruce up the dessert or food tables.

Under the Sea

Nautical stripes, sailor caps, shells, sand, sharks and pirate hats make a great party for both boys and girls. 

Bury plastic toys in sand and let the little ones find the buried treasure. Create a kid aquarium with bubbles of all sizes 1000 ways to play with bubbles!

Go crazy with the food and make Jell-O gold fish cups. Go nuts with Aquatic Cookie Cutters, make shark PB&J sandwiches, starfish tortilla chips or lighthouse Rice Krispies treats. Or simply serve fish sticks and goldfish crackers, two things most kids love!

Most importantly remember to have a good time, visit with friends and family and enjoy your loved ones.