Our Core Values

Positive Environment

Positive Happy Work Environment

Special Events- A Game Day Tents Company maintains a working culture that our associates enjoy being a part of. Our success is dependent on the collective energy and intelligence of all our staff where we share recognition and rewards.


Solid Relationships

Our business is based on relationships! The relationships developed between Special Events associates and our customers along with suppliers are vital to our success. Special Events strives to earn and maintain the respect and trust of every current and potential customer or supplier.

Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

We passionately go to extraordinary lengths to exceed our customer's and supplier's expectations and maintain accessibility in all areas of the company. We strive to handle all issues promptly and answer all customer requests with a positive "can do" attitude.


Conduct Business with Integrity

We will use financially sound business practices to maintain a superior professional reputation in the industry. Special Events treats its customers, suppliers, vendors, associates and other acquaintances ethically, fairly and with the utmost respect.


Protect and Improve Position in the Industry

Buying directly from the best suppliers in the country enables Special Events to provide the very best products that the industry has to offer. We ensure that every customer and special events planner receives the best service possible and secures our long-standing relationship with each of them.